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Something to block office lighting? Answered

The office building where I work has a conference room that has 4 fluorescent light units, each measuring 28” by 44”.The problem is, one of the four light units is an emergency unit, and is always turned on.So when we want to show power point presentations, etc.the room is never fully dark.With the 3 lights being off, it’s just barely dark enough, and it would be so much better not to have the light from the emergency unit.

Due to safety codes, turning off this light is not a realistic option for us.So I was examining it today and was wondering if someone had an idea to construct some sort of temporary “cover” that we can quickly and securely place over this one light unit while we have our power point presentations?The cover would have to be lightweight, secure (we would not want it to fall on any clients!), and I think made of some sort of fireproof material, in case someone forgets it’s up there and the heat from the florescent light tubes doesn’t cause any danger of fire.Each light unit has this metal “grid” that I guess is meant to reflect and disperse the light in an efficient way.This “grid” is made up of smooth 1/8” metal strips, which create 24 empty space “cells”. The inside of the cells measures 7”X5.5” and is 2.75” deep.There is a small clearance between this metal grid and the fluorescent tube lights.And the light unit is 10 feet off the ground.

Any suggestions??Thanks!


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9 years ago

It's probably not a good idea to mess with adding anything and relying on someone to use the light shade/filter properly. It might be easier to build a hood/side cover for your projection screen or big TV to cut the glare. And if facilities people need to get involved, you'll have to deal with union rules or put in a work order to the help desk weeks ahead of time to schedule the light to be covered.