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Songs you would listen anytime Answered

You can share your "I'll listen anytime" songs or just any good song. I give you a song with the band's picture. Try and recognize it.(If possible, download it!) Album-Around the fur


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12 years ago

NERD:spaz Molly Hatchet:Dreams il never see Rage Against the Machine:How could I Just Kill a Man? Pantera:This Love Pink floyd:Lucifer Sam Ratt:Round and Round Slayer:War Ensamble ASG:Species American Torche:Mentor Aesop Rock:None Shall Pass Alice Cooper:Poison Antrax:Safe Home Baroness:Tower Falls Beastie Boys:So What'cha Want DJ Vadim:Terrorist Eurythmics:Sweet Dreams Want more???


12 years ago

  • The Beatles - Let It Be
  • Black Sabbath - Iron Man
  • Boston - Smokin'
  • Bush - Machinehead
  • Cyndi Lauper - Time After Time
  • Edgar Winter Group - Frankenstein
  • Eric Clapton - Layla (prefer the electric version, but the acoustic version is very good)
  • George Michael - Father Figure
  • Ides Of March - Vehicle
  • James Taylor - Steamroller
  • Joe Walsh - Rocky Mountain Way
. and the list goes on and on ...