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Songsterr.com - Awesome Free Guitar Tabs! Answered

Hi guys...

I looked through my groups the other day, and I saw I'd somehow added myself to the guitar group.

So I just thought I'd share my latest secret weapon in playing guitar:


I know for a fact that Ajleece uses this site, but i thought I'd share it so that the people who don't know about it can use it.

Its basically a flash player that plays a midi along with the tab music.

You can pause it, fast foward or rewind it for free.

However, if you get an account you can play half speed, mute some instruments and upload your own songs.

I haven't got an account, because you have to pay $10 every month, except the first 15 days which you get free.

Its a little bit like instructables in that you can post comments, and edit the tabs yourself.

The community seem very good and the tabs always seem to be perfect.

It shows you what notes to tune your guitar to (with a click you can hear that note), and it shows you where to put a capo, if needed.

It also has notes that either give you help in playing it, or give you lyrics.

Most songs have all the instruments, and you can flick to a different instruments tab in the mixer.

It even does bass, voice and piano (though not in notes, in tab).

Just a great website!

And my favourite!

Its made me a whole new repetoire, and I think it will give even the most experienced guitarists new tunes to play.

So here it is again:


All you do is either click on the sections at the top (Alphabet of Bands/Artists) or Search either the song name, or the Band/Artist in the search tab.

Oh, and if you can't find the part of the song that you want, but you can hear it, try searching through the mixer's tracks.

Also, I'd like to point out that I do not own this site, it's just one of the tools i use in playing guitar. Neither do i have an account.


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11 years ago