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Sony str-dg510 receiver speaker a/b mode not working correctly Answered

I have a sony str-dg510 receiver that I have a 5 disk cd changer hooked up to.  I have the cd changer hooked in with composite audio cables (white/red) and an optical audio cable.  I have speakers on my porch wired into the speaker B section of the receiver and my inside speakers wired to the main section. 

My problem is: The receiver does not turn off the section A front speakers when Speaker B mode is selected.

This is a big problem because in order to hear the speakers from my porch in the backyard I have to turn the volume up very loud and since the front A speaker set stays on it's deafening inside the house.  I have determined this happens regardless of the device plugged in and the type of cabling.  I have tried an HDMI playstation, component xbox, using only composite cables on the cd player and the receiver still does not turn off the Front A speakers when B mode is selected.  I have also tried every slot on the back of the receiver (cd, sat, tv, dvd) and the same problem occurs.

Why is the receiver not switching modes correctly?  It is not turning off the front A speakers when Speaker B mode is selected.  (It is however turning off the B speakers when A is selected).

I've included a diagram of how the system is currently wired:


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7 years ago

Your system isn't designed to support different zones like you want. It's strictly a surround sound system that supports up to 4 front speakers. Giving you the ability to have upper left and right and lower left and right speakers up front. So when you select channel be your only turning that channel on or off.

Go to your local audio store (i.e. best buy, radio shack, ect.) and pick up a 2 channel A/B speaker selector. Wire it's input to the surround sound's Front A. Put your inside speakers on Channel A of the selector and the outside speakers on channel B.


Answer 7 years ago

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I'll give this a go and report back.