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Sorry Because of its privacy settings, this video ? Answered


Because of its privacy settings, this video cannot be played here.

What is this only available in Canada?


Paige Russell
Paige Russell

Best Answer 3 years ago

So I did some research, and I think basically the culprit here is ad blockers not playing nicely with vimeo's privacy settings. Ultimately, if it's a persistent problem, this is an issue for vimeo support. Here are two links and a few forum comments from Vimeo's site:


Some of the forum comments:

- If you are having this issue you should check if you are blocking tracking cookies in any way. In my case it was the Firefox add-on "Privacy Badger" that was blocking the Vimeotracking cookie.

- Using "Privacy Badger" and telling it to allow vimeo's cookies will solve the problem.

And: https://vimeo.com/forums/help/topic:281401 — two apple iOS issues that are now resolved.

Hope this helps!

Paige Russell
Paige Russell

3 years ago

Hi Laral,

Is it just this one lesson video that you're having trouble viewing? Or all the lesson videos? Where in the world are you located? We'll figure this out!