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Sort of an LED question.... Answered

Every October I organize a Halloween event for Letterboxers in my region. For those who aren't familiar, letterboxing has some similarities with geocaching, which seems to be more well known.... an outdoor treasure hunt thing. Since I don't hide the hiking trail letterboxes until the day of the event I can't give seekers printed clues. Since the hiking starts after dark I have used light -- LEDs -- to direct participants to the boxes. This past October I thought about how neat it would be to fix the LEDs so that they would illuminate only when instructed to do so. Although I want nothing more complicated that for the LEDs to light temporarily when a button is pushed - I figured that this was not a practical option... UNTIL I saw a recent instructable that repurposed TV remotes to activate other items. So, now I'm wondering:

A) can I rig up a system whereby LEDs would be lit by some sort of remote control, be it an old TV remote, a phone, or whatever,

B) if so, is it something that a fellow such as myself, who is NOT an electronics person but who is very good with instructions, could do, and

3) would it break the bank to set up as many as nine LED "targets" and at least several remotes?

I always love the advice I get in these forums... looking forward to hearing from you!!


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Purple Chez
Purple Chez

Reply 6 years ago

That's probably not practical for this project but I still LOVE the strategy!!! Thanks.


6 years ago

This is really a question for the "answers" board

It's definitely a feasible Idea,


Post this here and you will get a few methods on how to go about this :) , Including my own !

BTW, after a few days, pick one as the best answer, if someone has put the time in, throw them a bone :P