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Sorting Machine Answered

I am wanting to make a sorting machine for my autistic son, so he can learn how to tell different materials from each other & also different colors from each other.  I know that there are a few things that I want in it & also a few things that I am sure that I will need but I need a little assistance on how to go about it.

I know that it will need a load sensor for the weight detection, & light sensors for detecting the color (I'm not too sure that is what I'll need), & I am not sure how to make it detect the materials though.  

To give a small overview of how I want it to work is that he will place the colored block (he has some that are foam, some are wood, & some plastic ones) or a toy car (die cast) & he will drop them into a hopper that has a conveyor belt that will drop the toy onto a lever that will slide the toy onto a scale w/ a sensor to tell the color (or stripes) on the toy & also it will then be swept to the next station where it will tell the material the toy is made of & then drop it in the proper hopper.  I would also like indicator lights to show where things are going to show him what's going on if he'd like to watch.

Can I get some help on this please.


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7 years ago

Color detection here http://learn.adafruit.com/chameleon-scarf
ou can add a color sensor to a full size arduino.

Adafruit also has a few tutorials, I think the babelfish translator, that uses RFID - antenna tags attached to a printed word on something and the arduino will speak the word.  The arduino can sense the RFID tag and do the appropriate action like light up specific LEDs and have a servo actuation a push arm or chute drop release to sort out the toys.  That way you don't complicate yourself with industrial methods of vision sensing and touch needed to really sort out any object.  Coin sorting is complicated enough. Good luck.


Reply 7 years ago

I'll take a look into both of the links that you've put up, thank you for the help.