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Sound Activated LED's Answered

Good Afternoon everyone,

A friend of mine asked me to help him build something and I sort of hit a snag in the process. I know how to make LED's flash to the beat of music but what he wants is so that way when there are sounds around him the LED lights flash with the sounds around him (Such as if he was at a party, the LED lights would flash with the beat of the music even though they weren't connected to it.) Is this possible and if so what would I need to build or get? Thank you!




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9 years ago

All you should need is a circuit the amplifies a microphone input. The output of the audio amplifier will be used as the audio source to whatever type of LED blinking circuit you have used before.

Your amplifier gain will have to be such that it outputs a comparable level to what you existing LED flashing circuit uses. Search on this site and elsewhere on the net for "microphone preamp" . There should be a fair number of such circuits out there, and they won't cost much to build.

I've seen T shirts that perform what you are after. They had a small module in a pocket which I assume contains a circuit simlar to what I described.