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Sound amp circuit needed for backpack boom box Answered

Hi I need an audio amp for an mp3 player that jacks it with enough power to run some decent size speakers (i.e. really loud) while still keeping the sound clear. I'm an avid skier and I'm working on creating a backpack boom box with more kick than your normal off the shelf version. The amp I'm using now if fine with some 3" speakers and can kick out some nice sound but once you get about 50mph the wind noise drowns it out. If possible I'd like it to have bass & treble channels but not needed (should prolly only have one speaker in my backpack anyway). I would like to build it from scratch put if there's a ready built version somewhere I'd be interested. Thanks :)



10 years ago

A bigger speaker will require more amplification, which will require a power source. Just keep in mind power vs. weight. I would suggest the 22 watt amp at the following website. Just cut out one channel so that it is mono instead of stereo.


Answer 10 years ago

Thanks for answering so fast :) can you post that link again? don't think it came across right (unless I'm missing something)


Answer 9 years ago

Sorry, I obviously haven't been on in a long time. Here is a link. http://www.aaroncake.net/circuits/amp20w.asp