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Spam is becoming annoying... please do something about it. Answered

Spam is becoming annoying... please do something about it.  I would suggest that when someone's post is marked (and verified) as being SPAM, that you send a warning.  On the 2nd spamming event the account should be disabled.  At present about 10% of posts are spam, this will become worse unless you crack down on it.  Thank you.



Over the past week or so we have been getting spammed by hundreds of accounts and a few of them were able to find their way around our filters. When we find one these spam accounts we don't even send them a warning, we immediately disable the account.

Although it might not look like it right now, most spam *is* caught by robots. What gets through is a tiny fraction of what spammers try to post. It's incredibly hard to filter by image, and we can't block an entire language from posting on the site. Regarding non-standard characters, there is some sort of glitch that stops the filters working properly on asian and middle-eastern alphabets. It's on the to-do list...

In the meantime, we really appreciate site users help in flagging spam when you find it. We try to keep this site a fun and spam-free place to be for everyone!

I think you should check out a user named "mailmannamedjeff". He has never commented but he has over seven hundred favs and is following nine hundred users. He just joined in July this year and I don't know how to block him. I'm just sayin

Thanks for the reply!

The problem (in addition to the annoyance) is that some of these posts are not really safe for work... (who wants to be seen at work opening a page with scantly clad Korean ladies! Heck, even at home my kid and wife would frown! LOL).

I would suggest a period of ca. 1 week before a new user can post an
instructable (or perhaps require some prior participation, e.g.,
commenting on other people's instructables).