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Spam-only users Answered

I don't know if this is the right area, feel free to move this message if it isn't (if you can do that).

Is there some way we can notify users as spam, the way we can with Insturctables and comments? There has been a rash of new users, mostly allegedly 25 years old, posting spam instructables about a couple of DVD ripping/converting programs (Cucusoft and Daniusoft, IIRC). The instructables are written like genuine ones, so at a glance aren't obviously spam, but
  • there have sometimes been duplicate postings of identical 'tibles by the same person
  • their comments are pretty much more of the same
  • the screenshots of the products appear to have been made for other purposes, they haven't used the 'ibles image hint box things

Karel Jansens has commented on many of them and has also flagged them, but it seems like a bit of a chore commenting all their Instructables and comments when the users are transparently only there for the purpose of spamming.

Just from a quick search for "DVD converter": danke, chickchest, seinfelder, Adam Smith, D Eric, floxir and skyocean appear to all be spamming a couple of video format converters.

tl;dr- can we report users for the banhammer? Does it count as spam if they post a well-written set of instructions for how to use software that happens to not be free?


It's getting worse, it appears- the spam users are commenting on each other's Instructables to make them look legitimate. Observe this fine specimen:
More blah about DVD converters
All three people who have commented on it (at time of writing) are spam-only members who appear to only exist to talk about this software. The names Daniusoft and afterdawn predictably come up again. Blueberry, tracyjump and CrayDeng can be added to the list above.

I'm officially petitioning the site admins to ban all of these users (and preferably their IPs) and remove their Instructables.



11 years ago

Why do you say 'tibles? I thought the term was 'ibles. Or 'ables.


11 years ago

It's getting worse, it appears- the spam users are commenting on each other's Instructables to make them look legitimate.

I am still totally awed by people who do this. I mean, it's so... moronic!


11 years ago

Bumping ~~for great justice~~ in case my edit doesn't bump the topic.


11 years ago

i think it counts as spam as they are only advertising a product and trying to get you to buy it, multiple postings to attract attention, it certainly seems like the definition of spam.