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Spamming Filters plugged. Answered

Seems the spamming filters have been turned up pretty high and more that usual is getting caught causing that DELAY in posting weather it be an ible of post ect.
Filtering spam is good of course but geez, i made a comment in the forums of a current bug problem and guess what my comment is not there . I can only say it is because of the filters. Maybe my comment will appear after the relevance of the topic is over.

There needs to be a filter list added that puts the known non spammers into. The people that are submitting ibles and or comments that are not spam. You go ahead and make this secret like it is now so people won't complain about who's on it or not.
The people that are your supporters should be in the Good Filter, let there ibles and comments submit without delay.

So i am in favor of a GOOD FILTER list.

I hope my forum topic gets published in time so as to still be relevant.



7 years ago

Sometimes the spam is sneaky and goes live, sometimes false-positives delay legitimate content. It's a balance to keep things running smoothly.

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