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Sparkfun in San Francisco?? Answered

I need location(s) of sparkfun or sparkfun distributors in San Francisco!
I am going there (I am from Croatia in Europe) and I don't know locations!
I don't have time to search because I'll be there e just few days and then I go back.
Please help!


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11 years ago

The only SparkFun distributor in California listed on SparkFun's website is MicroController Pros Corporation, which looks like an online-only shop (no physical storefront). No address is listed, anyway.
SparkFun itself is located in Boulder, Colorado. That's only about 2000 mi (1250 km) away from SF. You could get there in about 18 hours if you drive straight through. They don't have a storefront, either, but I gather you can pick up orders placed online there, if you arrange it in advance.