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Speaker (single) Volume Control Answered

I have a Panasonic home theatre system, standard set up. ( 2 front, 2 rear,1 centre and 1 Sub woofer). Unfortunately, because of the room layout, I'm not able to site any of the speakers in an ideal location. So, I have to make do with the best poss. One of the rear speakers is close to where I sit, the other 3mtrs diagonally opposite. I want to insert some form of volume control into the feed of the adjacent speaker. So that when set the rear speaker volume level there is a better balance between the near and distant speaker. I am unable to access any other wiring or components apart from the speaker feed wire, so it has to be something in line. I tried a dimmer switch (dont laugh) but that attenuated the signal too much, and was barely audible. The speaker is 6 ohm imp and 60wat power input. Any suggestions appreciated, apart from buying a new house!



7 years ago

Hi Kevin, there is an in built remote controlled volume setting for the speakers. Unfortunately, it controls both rears at the same time, not individually. It's fairly old system, Panasonic SA HT500


Answer 7 years ago

Hi Rogedodge,

I've checked out your system: not only was it very expensive in its day but is now considered 'retired', which for me means this is the part where you start getting real value for money. This link shows that:

Bear with me as I share what I found, which I think will help you.

Here you can download all the schematics:

Here you can download the manual; which you have, but may be different as sometimes manuals are updated:

On page 29, it shows you how to control individual speakers but only in TEST mode --- in real mode it won't let you do that -- how frustrating!

May I suggest that either you re-post your query for the electronics guys to answer or try an answer already given. My immediate thoughts were to put an in-line variable resistor/potentiometer, but I'm sure someone will have a far better answer.

Be aware that your fix may well cost more than to buy a new but cheap 5.1 surround system so keep an eye on costs.

I do wish you luck in getting this sorted out.


7 years ago

Aim the rear speakers at the rear wall. This gave more distance to your ear.
Works very well for me.



Answer 7 years ago

Yes and no. It will give more distance, but in some rooms it could add a lot of "slap". It really depends on the layout of the room. Whenever I design a home theater system, I have to do some very in-depth calculations as to how the sound will interact with the rest of the room. (It also helps to be able to visualize how audio waves interact!) :)


7 years ago

It sounds like you figured it out (don't forget to give him best answer!), but just for kicks, you could have added a pot into the line. Basically a dimmer, but gives more control. Mostly used in audio projects. But there is no better way than controlling it through your system and aiming the speakers correctly. :)


7 years ago

All the speaker systems I have encountered have individual vol levels for each speaker - are you sure this is not available on your setup? Could you post the model number for your setup?


Answer 7 years ago

Kevin, do i feel a mug! Just downloaded a manual (lost). Nothing wrong with it!

I was operating the rem con volume control incorrectly when in the test mode!

Many thanks for your help anyway