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Specific replacement wire to use for battery-pack? Answered

hi all,

after finding an old etchingpen and opening it up to (see picture)

needless to say i need to replace the coil-wire. is there a specific or special material to use here?
i assume i can't just use any wire...
i'm an electric-noob, so please be clear and don't use to much specific termonology - i probably won't understand! :P

Thnxz in adance


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2 years ago

If you struggle to find proper wire then just try to get a suitable spring for the upper end.
For the rest use a thin strip of metal.
Brass from some "thickness gauge" sheet works fine here and the stuff is dirt cheap.
Form a cylinder for the bottom end, add a strip and the spring...


2 years ago

I am not 100% about the insides of these pens but you certainly need the positive and negative connections for the batteries.
Be aware that the stuff corroded and that this corrosion can also affect the circuit board!
Before proceeding use an old toothbrush or similar to remove all debris.
You can use methylated spirit for additional cleaning and rinsing action.
Only if the actual things looks still intact it is worth thinking about fixing the wire.

Once cleaned up you will need something to solder anyway, so lets start with a basic test:
Locate the positive and negative connection on the circuit board - with a bit of luck it should be obvious.
Solder thin and insulated wires onto the corresponding pads.
Connect the correct one to positive on one battery, the other to negative on another battery.
Once you bring the batteries together you should have power.
Check if all works, if not just bin it ;)

In case it does work we can work something out for the springs....

Brian M V
Brian M V

Reply 2 years ago

that springy, corroded coil IS the only positive and negative connection. It's this super-simple conection-setup; the batteries in the coily-thing and both connectingpoints (+ and -) in the etchingpen (the blue part)(i hope you can see this in the first pic attached to this meggage). the white housing contains no metal parts.
since it is so corroded i actually broke when i tried removing it from the battery. so now my only option is a replacement.

so, i ran a copper wire to the front and yay; it works! :P
now i just need something thin enough that will fit in the housing and conducts electricity well enough...


Reply 2 years ago

Ok, I had no clue they made it that simple LOL
If I follow you correctly then the positive of the battery just touches one connection and the spring give the other.
Your best option would be spring wire or dental wire as it gives enough tension to form a spring.
Assuming you have neither:
Take some old battery and try to find a long spring made of thin wire that provides a snug fit.
A bit too big is bad, a big too small in diameter can be made to work.
If you have some cheap flashlight or similar you might even find a suitable replacement.

In case you need to make it all from scratch:
Take a wire that offers some tension, so not just normal copper wire.
Anything nice and stiff like tyre wire will do.
Form a few tight loops around something slightly thinner than your batter - the wire will "push back" and increase the diameter a bit when done.
Make 3 or 4 turns with a good spacing and then 2 or 3 more that are really tight - these thight one go to the bottom part and form your connection.
Check the lenght of the remaining wire and bend it to match the corred one in length.
Take a battery spring from some old toy and solder it onto the wire to form the top terminal.
If your wire is stiff enough you can try to form a simple coil with it too.

Brian M V
Brian M V

Reply 2 years ago

spring wire, dental wire, tyre wire, now were getting to the nitty gritty of it! :P
thnxz a bunch Mr. Ozzmaster!
i'll have to give it a try in a couple of days, got a last-min offshore job the next 5 days to take care off... but i'll send you a quick update when the time is due! ;-)