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Speed control for AC electrical motors Answered

I want to use a GE A-C motor (5KC33GG101):
Connection Type and Voltage Rating in Volts: 115.0 line to neutral single input
Rotor Speed Rating in Rpm: 1725.0 single full load
Frequency in Hertz: 60.0 input
to run a 50' line on pulleys for a Halloween project but it's too fast. Can anybody help me figure out if I can buy/build a controller to run it slower?



1 year ago

What is the rated current or horsepower ?

Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Single phase induction motor?

I think those kind of motors kind of want to just run at one speed.

If your motor was a universal motor, I would recommend just using one of those TRIAC based lamp dimmers. Those seem work well with the chopped up AC waveform that comes out of a lamp dimmer.

So,uh, do you have any other electric motors? Like maybe an electric drill? A typical mains powered electric drill is a universal motor, plus a speed-reducing gear train, so the output shaft (the chuck) turns with less speed, and more torque, than the motor itself.

A cordless drill might have comparable speed, and power. The interesting thing about cordless drills, is people often throw them away, or give them away, when the battery dies, which is almost inevitable. So these can be found on the used market, like in thrift stores, for low prices. Or even cheaper if you find one in a dumpster! The challenge with with using a cordless drill, is that you will have to find a somewhat beefy DC power source for it, something that can really give it some amperes, the way its old battery used to, if you want to run it at full power.

I have no idea what is this thing you call, "50' line on pulleys" Does that single-quote-mark (or apostrophe) mean "feet"? Like a clothes line? Like 50 feet in length?