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Spiderman Afghan: I am having a problem. Afghan curls and won't lay flat. Also, I end up with 8 points. Should be 12. Answered

Help, I am having the same problem with this pattern that everyone is talking about. The afghan starts to curl and won't lay flat. Has anyone discovered a solution to this?  I have taken it out and started over 3 times, but keep getting the same result.

Also, I end up with only 8 points. The picture shows 12. Does anyone know where I am going wrong to end up with only 8 points?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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11 years ago

Where are you getting your pattern?  Is this the one you are trying to copy?

If crochet curls there may be several reasons,
1.  Not using the same tension all the time.  That was always my problem.  I would start nice and loose then in half and hour I was all tensed up and my stitches were all tight and my afghan was ripply.

2a.  Skipping stitches or adding an extra one in.  You can usually see this but it creates tension and causes rippling.

2b.  Not adding enough extra stitches to each row or adding too many on a growing pattern like the spiderman.  If the pattern was not figured out correctly and it may need to be different for the way you work, then it won't lay flat.

Does yours look too tight if so the add a few extra stitches or if it looks too loose then subtract a few stitches.  Watch for smoothness and change it as soon as you notice it.  You don't have to undo it all, just make adjustments as you go along.  Unless it gets out of hand before you notice it.  In the end the small "mistakes" will average out.


Answer 11 years ago

Thanks for answering. Yes, that is the pattern I was trying to follow. I have tried changing the tension and that doesn't seem to help. So, it sounds like I might not be adding enough stitches. (I thought I was following the pattern exactly.) But I also ended up with 8 points instead of 12. My mistake(s) are before row 6. I just can't figure out where I am going wrong.


Answer 10 years ago

It's been a while, so I hope you found a solution, but for all of those who are still working on theirs, here's the issue: there's a typo in the pattern.

In row 3, it says to skip a stitch, DC, ch-2, and the DC in the NEXT STITCH.  You are actually supposed to DC in the SAME STITCH.  If you do this you will get 12 points instead of 8.

Here's the link to the original pattern the Spiderman one was based on: