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Spiral Scented Coasters Answered

So recently at a garage sale, I found this really cool coaster.  It is shaped to a spiral, smells like vanilla, and is "activated" by heat.    I just really like the idea and I haven't been able to find anything anywhere on how to make them.

I have found a couple instructables on how to make scented drink coasters, but not like the one I have.  I don't know if it would be the same general idea, just a different method of construction.

I have found a couple places  selling the same thing that I have, but I'm sure you understand when I say, I'd rather make it myself if I can.

The website I found, so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about:  http://www.littlecraftcottage.com/scentedcoasters.html

Thanks in advance!


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8 years ago

Most scented things are "activated" by heat.

I'm skeptical of the "all natural" claim to the scented materials, though. Essential oils dissipate pretty quickly. Absolutes dissipate even faster.

I would guess she uses fragrance oil, which is usually a mineral oil base with synthetic fragrance (typically derived from petroleum). The filling wouldn't matter that much, whether it's cotton batting, polyester, rope, sawdust, rice, dried herbs, or whatever.

Sew a tube of fabric, fill it with scented junk, roll it up, and either glue or sew it to secure it.

I'm not sure I understand the appeal of scented coasters, though. I'd imagine it'd interfere with the scent of what I was drinking. That's why people don't use scented candles on the dinner table.