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Splicing A Wii Power Adapter to work with a Battery Pack? Answered

Hey guys, I'm planning to build a Wii portable laptop (https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-Low-cost-Portable-Wii-Laptop/), and I have all my parts except for my battery. I need something rechargable, so after a couple minutes of searching, I came up with two solutions!

This Li-Ion battery = ​http://www.amazon.com/HitLights-12V-Rechargeable-Battery-Pack/dp/B007RQW5WG


This Li-Po = http://www.ebay.com/itm/Turnigy-3S-2200mAh-Lipo-Battery-Pack-11-1v-12v-20-30C-3-cell-DJI-Phantom-FPV-USA-/281246158170

I am a beginner at wiring, and quite honestly, all I know how to do is soldering (in theory, I haven't tried it yet).
How can I splice my wii power brick to fit either of these battery packs?

Thanks a ton for helping me with my (noobie) question!



4 years ago

What the rated voltage input and output current of the supply for that wii? Look at the wall adaptor to find out. My guess is something between 12-19V and a few (3-6) amps. Then you need to choose a suitable DC to DC converter, one that will take the voltage from a raw battery (in the case of a 3S LiPo, thats 9V dead though 12.6V fully charged) and convert that to a nice stable output for the wii

You will probably need to get a DC to DC converter that has a voltage shutdown below 9V, as you can KILL the LiPo by over-discharging it to less than 9V. If nothing else, a simple voltage alarm used for the RC hobby can alert you that the battery is dead. If you want a DIY challenge, make a battery voltage LED readout like I designed in my tutorial video HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shGZWqctN4k. I used some op amps as comparators, a resistor chain, and a voltage reference. (The video is for learning series and parallel circuits, but 3/4 of the way through, I go over designing this circuit.)


4 years ago

You need more than the battery pack. You need to get a compatible charge controller for the battery. Then connect the Wii power brick to that. Assuming the Wii power brick is able to offer the voltage and current requierments of the charge controller.