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Splitter Box Answered

Does anyone know of a splitter box of any sort that would split the signal from the output of a minidisc player?
At present my band plays gigs with the use of a backing track with keyboards and bass on.
Is there any way the Minidisc outputs could feed my onstage monitor and the P.A. mixer simultaneously?
The small mixer that the MD goes into hasnt any aux channels or monitor sends with which to use.



2 years ago

Hey there, I don't know if this is really related but I play guitar live and we have in-ear monitors with a personal band mix from the sound desk into a Rolls box. Usually if I want to mute my guitar I'd put on my tuner but of course that mutes the guitar in my ears as well but I really want the capability to hear my guitar through my ears well having it muted through the PA. So that say for example I wanted to figure out a guitar line live without anyone else hearing it through the speakers. I was thinking a buffered audio splitter with one of the outputs having a mute footswitch which goes to PA and the other output straight into the rolls box input, maybe even with my own volume control so that I can control how loud my guitar is in my ears? Any ideas or schematics on how to do this?


2 years ago

I think the first issue to take care of is getting a level shifter box to get that line level output of your minidisc, mp3 player, CD, headphone output, iphone, etc to instrument level that your mixers accept. Once you can do that, you will find a solution to routing that through your sound panels to any device. Good luck.