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Sponsored Content - by who? Answered

Whenever an instructable is marked as sponsored content, I would love to see a small notice about who the sponsor is - or am I missing this somehow? I get that based on parts list, sometimes this might be easy to decipher, but other times I am left clueless.



4 years ago

Thanks for clarifying. I would love to give back to companies who contribute to this site, which was my original intention of better labeling. I can see how brands might want to stay "native" as well though.


4 years ago

You're not missing it. Instructables is complying with the Federal Trade Commission's guidelines for disclosing when content is sponsored, but we're also trying to appease brands who want to be as "native" as possible. It shouldn't be too unclear who's sponsoring what, though. The parts list is a dead giveaway, and the ad spots should reflect the sponsor as well. If we're unclear, it's probably an error rather than deliberate obfuscation.

Go ahead and ask in the comments if you're unsure. I imagine it'll help you and the other curious folks out.