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Spring-loaded optical drive door? Answered


I just build a new desktop PC and would love to have a spring-loaded door, with an eject button, to cover my CD/DVD drive, like the ones on HP or Acer computers

I can't seem to find any sold commercially.

Does anybody know how to build one?


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Are you meaning when the tray comes out, the door opens downwards then shuts as the tray re-enters the drive?

These doors are on simple hinges with a spring connecting the door to the faceplate. The tray has enough force to stretch the spring, and when it closes, the door shuts. 

A quick Google shows this available to buy if necessary. 

(image from: http://techreport.com/r.x/shuttle-sn25p/stealth.jpg)


Answer 10 years ago

the product that you are referring to is for Lian-li cases. It probably will not match the front panels of other brands of cases.

That is why I was asking how to make one, so that I can use the bay panel that came with my case to build a hinged-door so that it perfectly matches my case.