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Spud Gun Cartridges Answered

Is there any way that I can make cartridges for my spud gun? I plan on making a new gun anyways. I plan on using this to pwn at airsoft, kind of like Hellboy's big ass gun. The problem is that it takes too long to reload and during that time, im dead in the water. I tried a two man team, but its still too slow. You know how the musket went from power, paper, blah, blah projectile? Thats how the spud gun is now. I need it to be what modern guns are, where the bullet, powder and firing cap are all in one unit... I just need plans... My fuel is 91% achl.



10 years ago

Who would play with you?


Reply 10 years ago

Who would goto war with the people who have artillery? The people who think they can beat it. --Problem Solved-- Thanks to the Make: Forums, I got the idea of using balloons for fuel/air mixture storage. This works perfectly.