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Square Capacitive Touch RGB LED Buttons Answered

I'm having a hard time finding parts like these - is anyone aware of an RGB LED capacitive touch button?  Preferably with the light and the touch sensor separate (DPDT-type, perhaps?).  I'm looking to make a physical prototype of a mobile puzzle game I'm working on, and this would be an ideal input method.





4 years ago

Are you using any microcontroller like an arduino for your project? You could essentially make your own custom layout on a sheet of plexiglass, backlight it with RGB leds controlled by the arduino and add a touch sense pad button overlays to be used for input. You can use pieces of fine metal mesh like window screen or draw conductive paint blotches. Look at stuff done with MakeyMakey controller, Adafruit came out with their capacitive touch control board too. Good luck.


Reply 4 years ago

It will be arduino-based, yes. I may make something if need be, but for the sake of minimizing complexity (as this is a prototype), a pre-existing component would be ideal. Thank you! :)