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Squid Labs spin-out company hiring - Electrical Engineer Answered

One of the Squid Labs spin-out companies is hiring! Come work with us in the control tower!

The technology that this spin-out is developing is not yet public, so in the job description below, it is simply referred to as "Squid Labs." The job will require full-time attention to the spin-out, and so while you will technically be at Squid Labs, the job is not with Squid Labs. Hopefully, I've made that perfectly muddy. If you can understand that (and make it clear that you understand it in your cover letter!) and have the required qualifications, you're probably a good fit.

Electrical Engineer
Squid Labs is a rapidly growing Bay Area start-up that aims to revolutionize
renewable energy generation. Squid Labs is engaged in a research and
development effort to produce novel systems for both centralized and
distributed energy generation systems. Squid Labs is seeking a talented and
motivated power electronics engineer. The ideal candidate will have
extensive experience with motor controller development (AC induction and
PM, three phase brushless motors) and the associated power electronics
systems combined with an inventive resourcefulness to quickly execute
prototype solutions in the field. Further, this candidate would be familiar
with the startup environment and the associated hours, deadlines and high-
energy culture that go with launching innovative new products.

The Power Electronics Engineer will be responsible for:
- Self-directed research and cooperating with an interdisciplinary team
- Rapidly developing and building solutions to complex high power
- Development of analytical models to make decisions on specific and
global aspects of system architecture

The candidate should have the following qualifications:
- PhD or equivalent in Electrical Engineering
- 5+ years of experience in analogue/digital/power electronics
o standalone and grid-connected power electronics
o motor control for motion and generation
o single-board computer development for control
o digital/analogue signal conditioning
o sensor and actuator development and integration
- Experience with data analysis and model verification
- Understanding of control theory for SISO and MIMO systems
- Appreciation for the natural environment and a strong desire to work
on renewable energy technology

Please send resumes to corwin@squid-labs.com


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The Ideanator
The Ideanator

11 years ago

Well, if those degrees didn't cost so darn much, I'd ask you to maybe keep one of those positions open for another few decades so I could join. BTW, what would the starting salary be for the position?


12 years ago

I will become an electrical engineer soon, well, in two years...


12 years ago

Wow, not much interest. I'd love to do this stuff, but the PhD might take a while!


Reply 12 years ago

I agree. The 5+ years might be hard on me, too.