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Staining leather with acetone? Answered

I want to put a motif on my old black leather wallet

I'm too lazy to go full screenprinting on it, and by the state of the wallet, it isn't really worth it either

I've read something about acetone making stains on dyed leather, and thought of just using acetone to "paint" my design on the wallet

The design is simple, so I'm thinking of just making a stencil.

My only concern is: How do I make sure that the acetone doesn't "leak" beyond the borders of the stencil when painting?

Will normal duct tape do?


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7 years ago

Acetone is nail polish remover so I guess you are really taking out some of the dye that is already on the belt. Duct tape will create a stencil but I don't know if you really need sharp lines so depending on how you apply the acetone brush/dabbing with cloth, you will have some bleed depending on how porous or tanned the leather is. Do up an instructable on the process. Good luck.