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Star Instructable Creators Answered

Welcome to the Star Instructbale Creator Forum! 

This is a forum where you can post links to your new instrucables you create.

Basic guidelines and purposes of this Forum:
1. If you see someone is struggling with creating instructables, invite them to this forum for some advice
2. If you yourself are new or you are creating your first instructables, feel free joining the tread too.
3. Share your ideas openly and help each other create newer, cooler, and more detailed instructables.

Some things to look for in someone's instructable:
1. Do they have any pictures or videos? If so, are they good quality?
2. Is grammer an issue? A couple minor mistakes are ok, but you may want to point them out.
3. If all goes bad, is there a backup plan/procedure? (Not required for all, just depends on project)

This opportunity is open to anyone, however it is mainly geared towards new members of the community. 

Welcome and good luck!

PS - If you have any questions, or you want me to help you with your insturctable, just PM me and I will be sure to respond.



3 years ago

The first bit of advice I'd have to newbies is to know what your instructable is going to be about and ask yourself: would other people benefit from this? If so, ask your self if that's just your thoughts. Be honest, because if you make a stupid instructable, it won't get very many views, and you won't be off to a good start. And believe me, I know this from experience.

My second bit of advice is to take good photos. Make sure your camera is focused well! It doesn't matter how old/bad your camera is (in most cases) as long as it's focused well. Adjusting the shutter speed, if you can, also helps make the images less blurry. If your camera doesn't let you do that, then just turn on the flash. That usually gives you a higher shutter speed. Just don't have it too bright or it will overpower your image with a white flash. If you take good photos and add image notes where they're necessary will give you a better chance at getting a featured instructable, putting you off to a really great start!

Also, try to be professional. It's OK to make jokes, just don't be stupid. Refrain from using exclamation points (!!!!!), and if you do, just use one, not a whole string of them. That just looks dumb.

Yeah, so that's the advice I have for making an instructable! I'm sorry it's so frank, but sometimes it has to be that way. :)