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Star Wars Landspeeder Build question? Answered


I occasionally make simple props for a guy with an events company.

He is the most unorganised man that I have ever met but manages to pull it all together in the end and I love the chaos of working with him.

This time he wants a Landspeeder; he is going to buy an electric car of some sort and we will strip it and build on it.

At first I thought that he wanted a faithful replica and showed him this;


It was the only useful thing that I could find on the internet and shows a replica that took a professional six weeks using fibre glass.

He agrees that we will not manage that in the timespan and that the measurements will depend on the car that he has not bought yet.

I know that he will just turn up and say " we have a weekend to do this; any ideas ? "

It's the nacelles that I am interested in; as a quick build, I think three plywood discs, wooden strut supports and a metal skin, as shown; and then use that shape as a base

Any better ideas or better still, is there anything out there in the world that could be appropriated; like a plastic IKEA planter for example ?



He also wants a hover motor bike in the same weekend.


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Best Answer 5 years ago

Good power nacelle drawing, impossible work load, even if you find faux hornet nests.

I would slap styrofoam sheets to make a block and use a welding rod as a hot foam cutter https://www.instructables.com/id/STYRO-ROBOT-HEAD-L...


A Hover motor bike is inherently unstable even on weak ends.


Answer 5 years ago

Dear Iceng,

That is an interesting idea, , , it would be quicker and lighter . . .I'm looking into it.



PS-: I had that boxing game as a kid , it was called Raving Bonkers in the UK.