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Start gun? Answered

I seek plans / ideas on how to build a devise that will make the sound of a shot gun.The purpose is for starting yacht races so a means of producing "smoke" would be handy have looked at air cannons ? I want noise not launch capabilities. why not use a shot gun? it is practically impossible to own a gun in Australia.



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11 years ago

How about a bird scarer? Also known as a propane canon, or ou could make one with appropriate plumbing supplies. If you know someone with an oxy-acetalene torch you may be surprised how loud a balloon full of oxy-acetalene can be, just light with a very long taper. My friends live in a city where fireworks are illegal so they used these last July 4th, the local cops were amused. You can probably find a blank firing signal cannon too, or even an old swivel gun, though obtaining black powder might be tough.