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Starting a community to trade your old cables, electronic components or computer parts Answered

Dear all,

We are a small company located in Singapore and we are starting a community for the trading and reselling of your old and unwanted cables, electronic components or computer parts that are lying around your house. So help us do our part for mother earth by visiting the following link:- 


As a start and due to the lack of funding, we will temporary use google group to host all advertisement postings. Hopefully, as we move along, more funding will start flowing in to enable us to utilize a better platform like tal.ki so that more people would be able to take part in this small project that we have. We will be really grateful if you can join this community by posting your advertisements and also, donating funds from time to time as these are crucial for the survival of this community.

Our future plans would be to include the donation of computers and laptops to communities in developing countries, charities or schools.

Do feel free to drop us an email at needitbadly@gmail.com should you have any queries or suggestions.

Yours Sincerely,


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