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Starting a new TechShop Location Answered

I live in St. Charles, IL, about 40 miles West of Chicago. I would love to be able to join a TechShop for projects I am interested in and to have a place to work on projects with my kids. I imagine that anywhere you put one of these shops would have plenty of members to keep it going.

Just wondering what it takes to get a new TechShop started. Are they franchised or sponsored by local businesses, solely driven by member dues? There is plenty of available retail and warehouse space on the West side of St. Charles that could really use some tenants so I expect rent would be fairly negotiable.




7 years ago

Does it have to be a TechShop? I figure that pretty much anyone could start a hackerspace or makerspace.

Anyway, you have combed through their website, I assume? I'd think that should answer some of your questions.

Oh, and: great idea!


Reply 7 years ago

Due to a typo on my part the first time I tried techshop.com I assumed the only contact was through this site.

After typing properly I found their site and they even answered my question at the bottom this page: http://www.techshop.ws/FAQs.html .

It does not need to be a TechShop. My thinking was after six years in business, TechShop might already have agreements or deals with vendors for parts and equipment and possibly liability insurance. I expect they have a nice system for maintaining membership, machine reservation, running classes etc.

Any hackerspace would be great of course. Any others interested in a hackerspace in my area?


Reply 7 years ago

Be sure to check this page, there might already be something near you.