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Static Sound On Electric Acoustic? Answered

I have a rather old guitar (ibanez jx70tbs1301) and i have connected it to a computer via 4 inch to 3.5 adapter to record in audacity. I get a static sound and if i touch the right side of the pickup or press on a key on a key board it gets louder or annoying. I tried dryer sheets. Im confused. Would it be the patch cord?



2 years ago

As Iceng already said, you need a proper ground.
The soundcard uses a floating ground that is not always connected to the ground (earth) provided by the computers power supply - especially for laptops.
If you are unable to provide a good common and earthed ground for both soundcard and guitar than you won't get rid of the unwanted noise.
Levels are a thing to consider too as the soundcard input expect a certain level - if you are above it the sound will be terrible and you also might get unwanted noises.
Maybe a better option all up would be to use a dedicated recording device between computer and instrument.
Something like this for example:



2 years ago

Poor common ground and your body is a big antenna for any stray signal like a dedicated IC scanning the keyboard for a key press.