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Stats and eBooks! Answered

I've just pushed out another update.  There are some new tabs now on your You page.  The first is the downloads tab, which will let you keep track of the PDFs you have downloaded from the site -- going forward; we didn't track previous downloads so the tab will start out empty.  There's also a spot for downloading eBooks.  You may know that we've been creating eBooks out of some of the more popular Guides, and selling those via Apple's iTunes, as well as a couple other online bookstores.  Well those have been doing so well that we'll be generating more, and will be releasing many of those for free on Instructables.com directly.  Check your favorite Guides over the next few weeks to see if they're available in eBook form.

The next addition is a Stats tab, giving more tools to authors who want to promote their Instructables.  This pulls information from Google Analytics for your own instructables, in a variety of combinations.  Check it out at https://www.instructables.com/you/stats.  Be patient as this generates a bunch of informative charts on the fly and can sometimes take ten or fifteen seconds to show up!

If you're logged in via Facebook, you also will now have the option to post to your Wall, when publishing content.  Look for the checkbox next to the Publish button on Instructables, Forum Topics, and Questions.

There's a few other things in this release but just for us site admins, I'm afraid -- we occasionally need improvements too and with all the contests we've been running lately, we had to make some updates to how those are handled.

We did a lot of testing this time around, but please don't hesitate to let us know if we broke something!