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Stats tab fixed, cancel your Paypal subscription, header cleanup Answered

The first notable release since Autodesk acquired us is up.  It feels like it's been some time since I've written one of these posts!  We've all spent a bunch of time getting set up with some of the new systems we're now working with... and then there was that enormous outage last Wednesday.  We've been doing some planning with the idea of avoiding that situation ever again, such as maybe using Autodesk resources to keep a hot swap version of the site going somewhere.  No decisions as yet though; uptime is a hard problem.

Here's what is out now:
  • Paypal subscribers may now cancel their own subscription (if this is you, just go to  https://www.instructables.com/you/pro)
  • header cleanup; Facebook's login widget is much more manageable now
  • new scripts to help bring Internet Explorer into line, javascript-wise
  • Go Pro page design changes
  • stats tab fixed (on the You page for Pro members)
As always, please file a bug if you find one!