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Staying signed in? Answered

Whenever I come to this site, I always have to sign in, even when I click the "remember me", this is not recent, been going on for 3 or 4 months. I am using windows 7 with FireFox and am accepting cookies. It's just plain annoying to have to sign in every time, even if I don't shutdown my computer it still forgets me.

I like to click on an instructable and have to set to show all steps on one page, and when I sign in it does just that, but when I open a new tab to have another instructible open, it forgets me again.

Any fix to this?

It also does it on the Seamoney and Chrome browsers on my laptop.




7 years ago

There's a possibility that you might have some cookies clashing. Would you mind clearing your cache and cookies out? It's going to make it a pain for a day re-logging into places, but I think it might help.

Close down all of your instructables tabs, clear your browser everything (cookies, history, cache, etc - it's good to be thorough). Close your browser down, re-open it, and log in (clicking the keep me signed in box - found here)

Try it out for a while, let me know.  If it doesn't work, we can try something else, but this seems the logical fix.


Reply 7 years ago

I could understand this being the issue if I was only using one computer, But I built this windows 7 desktop only 2 months ago, the Windows XP laptop was my main computer before that and it has been reformatted and XP reinstalled just last week, and my old Linux tower(puppy Linux Live CD) does not keep any cookies.

The problem started on my XP laptop, then continued on my windows 7 tower. Even my Ubuntu server won't stay logged in.

It's sounds good, but it has to be an issue with the site since all my computers are doing it. Even the one's build after I started having the issue.

Any other ideas? Already tried rebooting the router.


Reply 7 years ago

The problem is that I use Ubuntu, Windows 7, Windows XP, OSX and a variety of mobile formats daily. None of the computers, laptops, tablets or phones I use have any troubles remembering who I am (in fact, sometimes I get remembered on other peoples machines at work, and I need to make it a point to log myself out (no need for them to go running a muck with my username).

I've stayed logged in for weeks/months on computers, and it has lasted through many a re-boot and being disconnected from power for days at a time.

In order to fix this problem, we need to figure out what you're doing when you log in, that I'm not doing. Or why your computers dislike our website, even through you and I use several of the same OS's.

Would you mind holding down the shift key while you click your browsers refresh button at the same time, then using the link I provided above to log in, and ensure you check the "keep me signed in" button. I'm sure this is something you've done before, but we have to figure out why it's not working before we can try to fix it.

Also, explain to me how this might work if you were to do it (or do it and let me know what happens please). Go to the main page (while not signed in and with no other tabs open). Sign in. From there, click on any random project. Make sure you stay signed in, and scroll down to the related instructables. Click one of them, and continue this for three or four different instructables. Try clicking back on the banner at the top of the screen to take you back to the home page and clicking on a different project from there. Are you still signed in?

Try searching for something, and clicking any of the links, still signed in?

Go back to the home page. Open any of the pages in a new windows. Are you still signed in now? What if you just control-click a bunch of projects on the home page, do any of the new tabs that open up have you signed out?

If you're signed out on any of the pages, and you click refresh, does it sign you back in?

If your signed out of any of the pages, but signed in to another, and you refresh the page your signed into, does it sign you out?

Please let me know what you come up with. I would very much like to help you solve this, but without being about to swing by your place and mess with your computer, I need you to do most of the troubleshooting for me until I can figure out how to replicate it on any of my machines. Once I figure out why you can't log in and the majority of the people on the website can, the coders here can isolate the problem and figure out how to fix it.

Thank you for your help.


7 years ago

Do you actually have to sign in, have you tried navigating the site anyway without going to the sign in page? Usually when I come here, I enter the site as a guest and up the top it says sign in, but as soon as I click to go somewhere, usually the forums, it signs me in.