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Steampunk Guide Answered

why isn't there one...I'd make one but I don't how...



6 years ago

It's fairly easy to create a Steampunk guide. Click on create at the top of the page, in the drop down menu click on guides. The rest is self explanatory, I created what I wanted in a guide here: How to Steampunk


8 years ago

Steampunk is a vast genre that includes literature, music, clothing, gadgets, modding, gaming, role play and more. It would be hard to imagine a single resource that adequately covers everything. Despite certain staples (like goggles) and norms the steampunk genre (like any punk genre) gives emphasis on individuality rather than conformity. A guide would only make things more similar rather than more unique.

There are plenty of guides on individual steampunk items and several articles on how to "get started" but I have yet to see any coherent compilation of these. Try the better known steampunk websites (such as brass goggles). They aught to have enough information to get you going.