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Step by step on building a Berlin Grand Reception desk? Answered

I need Help on how to build a berlin grand style reception desk?
 want the rounded look but a much cheaper build.... with particle board or plywood. i just need a design to get that round look?


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9 years ago

Either laminate your own plywood onto a curved form from cheap veneers, or kerf the back of existing plywood so you can bend it, or, as you say, use particle board. In the bent cases, you'll want curved ribs behind it to hold it in that position.

There may be better solutions here. Or you could go looking for actual plans for that kind of furniture.

Of course you'd want an outer layer of veneer, or you'd want to use a plywood with a furniture-quality face, to get the appearance of real wood.

Note too that flat-faceted would also be a perfectly reasonable look, though different and a bit less de luxe.


Answer 9 years ago

By the way: If you want step-by-step instructions for this large a project, and they don't already exist on Instructables.... your best bet is probably going to be to buy them, or design them yourself.