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Stepper motor, driver, microcontroller Answered

I am looking for someone to help me with with a stepper motor. (ofcourse you get paid)

I would like to have a small stepper motor something like this(the main thing is that it isnt bigger then WxHxD 50mmX60mmx15mm) .

I would like a driver and a microcontroller to this almost in the same size, would love to have this thiner thou. I would like to have this programmed, like the stepper to do 1 revolution in 180 minutes (1 full rotation in 3 hours) if it possible to get it running on batteries it be great!

Folow the link to a image i made to se how i like it to be.

Is this possible? And is it someone who got the knowledge to do this?

Awaiting your answere!
Best regards


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5 years ago

Depends on the specs of the motor. You can build a custom driver and micro controller on the same board to save space. It will likely exceed the base mentions your looking for. Certainly won't staying within the 10mm in thickness you want. Surface mount chips for the driver and micro will be around 3mm to 5mm on their own not to mention a 1mm to 2mm PCB. Other components will likely stand up higher. The driver may need a decent sized heat sync to keep it cool. Once again depending on the specs of the motor and other electronics in use it can be battery powered.

Overall with the right skills and right investment something could be developed that is close to the specs your looking for. But the total thickness may be closer to 50mm or 60mm. People with the skills to accomplish this will not come cheap and it won't be something that can be done in a month or 2. If you want this done you'll to put a decent investment into it.