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Stepper motors for Prusa mendel? Answered

I have these bipolar round stepper motors that i salvaged from old printers . Can I use this stepper motor in the prusa mendel? and will they work fine?  also can i use stepper motors which are like this one.. meaning the round small ones or do i need to use the nema 17 ones?


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5 years ago

For a 3D printer, that may work, I would prefer something beefyer

Check the voltage, current, and precision of the motor (Look on the sticker) and make sure they match the one you pulled out

Also check the manufactures web site for replacements ! it will be ready to go straight out of the box and won't damage you system of effect performance :)


Best Answer 5 years ago

What stepper does it recommend?

In general printer steppers are low torque because not a lot of weight is shoved around in a printer.

my inclination would be to say NO. Not big enough.