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Sticky Note Holder Answered

I'm very intimidated to post on this forum with all you geniuses but here goes.

This is an acrylic holder that you can get from any craft store.

I always love this rubber stamping technique as it is so easy yet comes out so pretty every time.  All you do is dry emboss a background word stamp with white emboss on white watercolor paper then stamp your image over top.  I wet the ink and add a few different colors on top of each other so it looks like an actual watercolor painting.  You can fleck some wet ink for an artistic effect too.  The paper underneath just slides in. The pen is a Pentel pen so you can open it and put whatever paper you'd like inside. I used a small piece of clear velcro to hold the pen on.

Embellish as you wish and voila a beautiful sticky note holder.

This technique is great for cards and scrapbooking.



8 years ago

Ah, it is as easy to create your first instructable as posting this forum topic. Just take pictures of each step as you go along and upload them to instructables. You can then create the step by step which goes along with your images. There is a whole aisle full of embossing and stamping supplies at the craft store. It shows that there is a big audience that would be interested in how to use it. Good luck.


Reply 8 years ago

looking into a mirror, opposing opposing thumbs up LOL


8 years ago

Theres geniuses around here??? I feel under dressed.


8 years ago

Don't be too hard on yourself, Thomas Alva Edison once said: Genius is 97% perspiration and 3% inspiration. It just takes practice (experience helps a lot too :-)