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Straight edge for plywood cutting? Answered

no matter how hard I try, or use a straight edge clamp, my cuts on plywood are different from start to finish. I've used squares, one of those clamps that clamp across the the entire sheet, nothing seems to work. While it looks straight, I'm always off at least a 16th of an inch or more. How do you ensure that the straight edge is perfectly aligned from front to back?



Best Answer 2 years ago

I think the best way to achieve a straight edge is measuring the same distance from each end of the board then clamping a straight edge connecting the measured points. This will make your cut parallel to the measured edge you referenced.


Answer 2 years ago

Always make sure to cut on the outside of the line. I had the same issue with my miter saw when I was staring off. Some studs I was cutting right on the line and some I was cutting inside or outside. Took me a while to realize what my mistake was. Hope it helps!