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Strange format numbers in Illustratore CC "123 123 pt"? Answered

Given: Illustrator CC, worked fine, and suddenly crashed formats numbers in the input fields. It became something about 123 123 pt. i.e. there is a space instead of commas when entering numbers. The factory default settings had reset, in the regional settings like everything is in order, ID is operating normally. Only Illustrator behaves odd.
Maybe i need to delete some configuration files?
All advices are welcome...


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Best Answer 5 years ago

I had the
same problem. In all dialog boxes with numbers was added 2 to the simple
numbers (for example, in a Characters palette)
3 or zero (for example, the size of the object in the bar at the top).
But this is not change the number of digits, as it usually happens after a
comma and a space. It looks like the numbers are crashed. This is a bug. You
can continue to work, but all the numbers can only be entered manually. Arrows
"up and down" don't work. Characteristically, this bug happens only
after trying to save a file via Save as..

Also have a
look at this topic, in might help: http://www.filerepairforum.com/forum/adobe/adobe-aa/illustrator/1887-data-retrieval-from-a-damaged-ai-file

And the last i remembered that can be helpful in
this matter.. cut and move somewhere entire folder from
appdata/roaming/adobe/illustrator. And delete all the preferences, i mean adobe
illustrator prefs and adobe illustrator cloud prefs


5 years ago

I'd recommend posting to Adobe's CC support forum. I've had pretty good luck so far having my issues resolved. It's part of what you're paying for, which indeed is no samll cost overall.