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Strange shortening of pages - I only get the bottom section. Answered

If I try to go to either my Comments page or the Forums page via my shortcut links, I only get the bottom part of the page available (see screenshot, and note position of slider bar to the right.  The cropping of the Forums also happens when I use the standard (grey) tabbed link.

To make this bug report, I had to go via the submit link on the front page.

The Recent, Contests and Answers pages do not appear to be affected.

FF4, XP.

UPDATE: it was an idiot hacker* who thinks that vandalism is the best way to prove a point.

* The tabloid-headline version of a hacker, not the proper version.


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.

9 years ago

Ditto on Forums, at least. Both FF6.0.2 and Chrome on both XP and Win7.