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Stream video from OV7670 18 pins using arduino uno Answered

I purchased OV7670 camera module and i stuck with it that how i connect this module having 18 pins to arduino uno. From last 5 days i am in search of the help but no forum can help me till yet. This is my final sem project and if this module will not work them my project will be considered as incomplete. So please help me out because i dont know even how to connect this ov7670 with 18 pin to arduino uno and to stream video live.

modules i purchased are as follows:

1. Arduino Uno
2. Ov7670 Camera Module C4B1
3. esp8266
4. sd card adapter



4 years ago

Since it is a school project you can't expect help - that is the part that you have to do!
But a simple Google search for just the camera module brings several hits on how to get it working.
I guess you did not bother with these really obvious "solutions" first?