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Streaming a video with a 20 minute delay? Answered

I'm working on a project where I'd like to continuously record video from a camera and play it back on a projector, but the playback should have a 20 minute delay from the recording.

Any thoughts on which tools to use?

I'm considering writing something in OpenGL to take video input and play it back, but I suspect there may be an easier way.



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7 years ago

I am coach in my archery-club and if we have to show something to an archer, we often use a timedelayed live-video.
we use up to 30 secs of perfect delay.
The solution:
VLC medaiplayer (freeware).
Just open the device and define the buffer to 20'000 ms for a 20 sec delay.

However, if you want to have 20 mins, this approach may not be feasible since the data is kept in the RAM for the time. And 20 mins of even 800x600 imaginery is a LOT of data.
So it would need something like a timeshift-function as many TV-sets have nowadays... They record it on a HD and play the beginning of the file while writing new data at the end...
Maybe you could use such a set-topbox for that? If you can feed the data in one with enabled timeshift, you are ready to roll. :)