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Submission, terminology changes Answered

UPDATE 1-14-11: After an initial attempt that we had to roll back, I now believe that this update has been successfully released.  We'll be watching very carefully for the next few days to be sure of that!

We have made some visible changes this time around. We are always trying to simplify the content submission process, to make it as easy as possible to share what you've made. To that end, we've relabeled the Instructable types.  Slideshow is now "Photos" and full Instructables are now "Step by Step", while videos are still videos. You'll also notice that in many places, Photos are listed first now. Here's our thinking.

Everyone has cool stuff that they don't have time to create full blown step-by-step instructions for, something they've already done that could be shown off. We're trying to encourage them to do so. As Christy put it the other day, "Next thing they know, they'll wake up in a bathtub of ice next to a computer displaying 25 step-by-step Instructables... it's a slippery slope." (We'll be greasing that slope by including Photos prizes in all of our new contests.)

Hopefully most of our users will agree that people sharing what they make is a great thing, even if there aren't complete step-by-step instructions to go along with the photos. It's also now another member of the community who can help you with your project or question.

Along with this, the display for the various places that Instructables are listed is changing slightly. There's no more banner covering up a big chunk of your image. We'd gotten lots of complaints about how that obscured part of a featured author's gorgeous intro image.

Guides are still labeled with a note at the bottom of the image, but for Video/Photos/Step by Step as well as featured Instructables, you need to look at the gray icons below the project's title. A star = featured, a play button = Video. Photos are indicated by an icon representing a couple of pictures, while Step By Step Instructables are represented by a set of rectangles like index cards. A trophy cup means a contest winner. Let us know if you have ideas how these could be improved; this is a first pass for the design, and we'll surely tweak it as we figure out what will work better.

On your page, the featured star wlll show up if your project has been featured at any level. Ditto when browsing - no matter what level you're browsing, anything with any kind of feature will have a star. But if you click "editors' picks" you'll still only see the items featured at that level - same as before.

We also are getting a lot of members who sign up with their real name, not realizing how much it's used on the site, and then would prefer to have an alias like most of the other members. So we've added a facility for letting you change your screen name, on your You page. But we're only going to let you do it once - for the problem we're fixing, once is plenty.