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Sugar gliders? Answered

Hi all,
Does anyone else keep sugar gliders?

I have 3 and make a lot of my own pouches, bonding pouches (as shown below) and toys out of coconuts, piñatas etc.  Are these things that would be of use to anyone as a tutorial? I think ferrets and rats would use pouches too, but the patterns would have to be bigger. Piñatas would work though.

Any thoughts?

One of my friends did say that she would use my Batpouch as a clutch bag, so maybe I should post them anyway.  LMAO :D


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6 years ago

Ah, I had to look up what sugar gliders were. We have giant possums here in Brooklyn, NY. Are these pouches something to keep treats in to hang around your belt or strung up in the cage for them to play with?

You might want to put up an instructable for the pet contest going on. https://www.instructables.com/contest/pet2014/ They look pretty cool.

Good luck.


Reply 6 years ago


They are quite the opposite of a giant possum! I can (almost) fit all 3 of mine in one hand. I posted pic's in the other thread here about showing everyone your pets.

They sleep in pouches, so I have simple ones that are just double thick with a seam around and cage hooks, but I also have 'bonding' pouches. They have a zip up top. The gliders are nocturnal, so they sleep in the pouch during the day. If I'm home I can wear them around my neck and go about my business. I know people who go out the house with them in pouches, or even to work, but I wouldn't. I'd worry too much. They love it though. They like the sound of my heart beat and my smell. Gliders make a popping sound (like rice crispies) when they are happy, find tasty food etc and they pop A LOT in their bonding pouch. It makes them feel closer to you and makes them more bonded when they are out to play at night (a bonding pouch alone won't do this though, it only works along with other methods of taming/bonding).

A pet cube's no good to me, they sleep while I'm at work. LOL.

I might make a tut' anyway though. I was just worried that it wouldn't be any good to anyone, then what's the point? LOL.

I bought an artificial plant for them recently, and little Tera did one of the most awesome things that glider do! Held it in her (semi-prehensile) tail!


I just LOVE watching them do this. So cute!

Sorry, my other half says I'm a crazy cat lady but with gliders! LOL.