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Suggested feature: selectable images of tools, materials Answered

I often find myself making little Photoshop collages of tools when I'm working on an 'ible, just so there's something to look at on the less-than-riveting steps where I'm listing what tools and materials were used. And I see that lots of other folks find themselves doing the same thing. And let's be honest: we're all kind of phoning that part in, aren't we?

What if we had the option to jump to a screen with tons of selectable tools, do a little clickety-click, and go back to our 'ible to find all of the items we selected displayed in a visually economical and aesthetically pleasing manner? Stylized icons, photos, or even sponsored images from advertisers linked to their shopping page?

It would help the folks struggling with their graphics software, and help the folks who aren't struggling but would still rather dive right in to the "how-to" part, which is why we're really here. The possibilities are endless for the GUI, ranging from simple checkboxes, to drag-and-drop images, to a complete overkill of awesomeness where you click an object and an animated Instructables Robot walks over and grabs it and drops it onto your virtual work bench...

Anyway, that's the idea. What do you think, folks?

Mike Craghead


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7 years ago

I doubt the effort required go create and encode such a database would be far more tban the reduction in effort for the members.

I certainly feel no need for it.