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Suggestion: Notes section in editor Answered


You know how it goes. You're writing an instructable and while being somewhere in the middle of it there's this spark of ingenuity about something you should add in a previous step. You don't want to stop what you've just been writing either so you have a few sub-optimal courses of action:
  1. Just keep writing what you have been and forget the genius idea by the time you get back to writing it in the corresponding step.
  2. Take a note on the first piece of paper that happens to be on your desk and get it buried in many other pieces of paper by the time you go to the step you had the idea for.
  3. Make the note inline in the editor in the current step or the step in question and then forget to remove this remark to yourself before publishing.

Or there could be this additional text box in the editor you could take your notes in. It could be used while writing an instructable or later, when some of the commenters suggest some good edits to your work. Just a great place for anything related that you always know where to find.

Of course it might be that I'm the only one feeling like this would be a valuable addition and there are good alternatives without the cost of resources for the instructables team so share your way of taking project notes, I'm sure those will be useful to many!



2 years ago

I generally pull up notepad on the computer and save the notes to a TXT file. I also use a standardized folder structure whenever I work on a project, all my resources, notes, images, code, STL files etc. get put there so I can find them again later.

I can see some merit in your suggestion though, but different people work in different ways.


2 years ago

Hmmm... I think I tend to do the first part of action #3.

Other times, I open a draft email in my inbox and type the idea there.