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Suggestions for a beginner project bike? Answered

I'm jumping the gun a little bit here, but looking ahead to winter and the off season, I want to find a cheap project bike I can tinker with. I have some mechanical inclinations, but it will be a bit of learning curve, so I want something that's pretty accessible and relatively easy to work on for a beginner. I'm looking for a cruiser anywhere from 250cc to 500cc with minimal bells and whistles. Lay those suggestions on me. ShowboxTutuappVidmate

Also, what are some red flags I should look out for that are going to end up giving me nightmares? I want a bike I can work on and learn with, but I'm definitely not looking to do a complete rebuild.


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2 years ago

I would honestly suggest a 250cc Honda Rebel. Made mid 80's to now. Easy to work on, classic cruiser shape, reasonably priced and parts are everywhere. I've seen them bobbed out all the way up to a "touring" model with saddle bags and a fairing. They're not over powered, the most you could get it to do in stock form is about 85, light weight, and well balanced.
Generally speaking they're pretty bullet proof, the most common things that go wrong with them is carbs need to be cleaned, bad batteries, dry rotted tires and crashes. Stay away from wrecked for a first project bike and you could ride it thousands of miles.
Clean the carbs, make sure the tires are good, flush the brakes, do a general maintenance overall (timing chain adjust, oil, chain tension, battery condition ect) and enjoy. I usually see them in my area anywhere between $500-2500 (you get what you pay for) and between 4000-10,000 miles. I've heard of them going 50-60,000 miles with proper care.